Nurse Bridge’s Unique Approach to Strike Staffing

Nurse Bridge’s unique approach to strike staffing is the best choice for you as our reputation in the industry in unparalleled.

Nurse Bridge prepares well in advance of the potential work stoppage. Upon completion of a staffing contract, our team of recruiters and clinical managers work in a coordinated effort with hospital administration to determine the required staff levels by unit.

Then, we manage the recruitment, screening, transportation, housing, and scheduling of qualified workers. We immediately begin recruiting from our national database of workers and making plans to staff your facility well in advance of a job action, and maintain a “stand-by’ posture throughout the duration of our contract with your facility. Our nurses and allied workers are available on short notice for indefinite periods of time.

Nurse Bridge understands your requirements to meet state and federal standards for healthcare personnel. Therefore, we provide you with a complete employee file for future use for Joint Commission inspections and state health department reviews.

Cost and Quality Control
Nurse Bridge can replace your staff at a greatly reduced number of workers and yet maintain the appropriate FTE hours required. Because our staff is working away from home, they are unburdened by the normal non-work related activities of everyday life. Therefore, they are available to work 72 hours or six 12-hour shifts per week, and yet remain well rested and able to function at peak capacity. As a quality control measure, our clinical services managers make rounds on all our staff prior to each shift change to review assignments, patient acuity, and worker fatigue levels. This methodology enables Nurse Bridge to protect your bottom line by staffing your facility at a 1.8:1 or a 1.5:1 ratio.

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