Strike Nursing FAQs

Nurse Bridge provides you with a list of common strike nursing FAQs.

What is the rate of pay? 
At Nurse Bridge Consultants providing the highest quality of patient care is our number one priority. We feel that every nurse is equally valuable and we pay all employees the same rate. No one is paid any more or less based on specialty area of practice. This discourages anyone from embellishing their experience or background in order to receive a higher paying position and allows everyone to practice in their area of expertise with confidence in their nursing practice, thus, ensuring our commitment to high quality patient care. We do not post our rate on this web page as it could cause difficulties for our clients in their union contract negotiations. Please call and speak with a Nurse bridge employee for this specific information.

What is the length of commitment?
Unless the strike is for a predetermined time, we always ask for a two-week minimum commitment.

How many hours do we have to work?
You are required to work a minimum of 48 hours per week but this may vary. Normally we require every employee to work 6 twelve-hour shifts per week or 72 hours per week. Increased hours are available but that is determined on a case-by-case basis.

What kind of transportation?
We provide round trip airfare. All airfares are prepaid and waiting on you when you arrive at the airport. There is never an out of pocket transportation expense incurred by you at any time. Your airline ticket is an E Ticket waiting for you at the airport. Upon arrival at the destination city, a Nurse Bridge representative is waiting there for you. We provide all ground transportation and provide a toll free cell number for you to contact our Director of Ground Transportation should you incur any difficulties through out the duration of the job action as well.

What is the housing like?
We provide shared hotel rooms. Never more than 2 per room.

Do I have to get a license before the strike?
Every case is unique. In some states we are able to license you on the day you arrive, some are compact states in which reciprocity engages, and some we just have to license you in advance. Based upon the location and individual job actions, licensing instructions are provided. We reimburse licensing expenses for candidates with complete files and have been notified they are confirmed and on the schedule. We require a copy of the license and the original receipts in order to reimburse.

How do I get on the list to go?
You can be placed on the availability list by your request. You can do this by calling the 866.792.0005 office number or by entering your data on the Nurse Bridge web page.

How are nurses chosen for the strike?
It is our policy at Nurse Bridge to place candidates with completed profiles on the schedule first. We feel that those who respond first with completed profiles should be placed first. We do not subscribe to favoritism.

Why didn’t I get on the schedule?
There could be a number of reasons such as: we did not receive file updates before all positions were filled; there is usually 3 to 4 times the number of candidates who apply than are actually needed (back to the first come, first serve policy).

Why do I have to have titer’s and or booster, when other companies don’t require it?
At Nurse Bridge we strive for excellence in service to our clients and our employees. Our documentation is and has always been beyond reproach. As supplemental staff during a job action there can be no room for error. We research and verify all documents presented to us up to and including verifying certifications with the American Heart Association. We take the “CYA” approach in all that we do just as we expect our employees to do as well.

Is it safe working conditions?
Yes! Our clients are required to provide security at the facility as well as during transit. We at Nurse Bridge also provide our own Corporate Security Detail who is on duty 24 hours a day at the housing location.

How can I make sure my file stays updated?
File preparation and updating is an ongoing process. Our records department works diligently to process all data received and then notifies each candidate of items needed via phone or email, whichever you prefer. You should update your file anytime an item expires.